Club Runs/Wickets

Snr A games 50 or more Snr A wickets 50 or more 
S Kerehoma 138S Kerehoma180
R Taylor142R Taylor171
M Rameka113B Tucker138
B Tucker110M Bacon127
N O'Brien89C Gaylard95
D Sanson82S Rogers76
J Bowick74  
H Strydom69
S Rogers68
M Bacon65
D Parker54
M Jones51
Snr A runs 1000 or more 
M Rameka4094
R Taylor2755
D Sanson2622
H Strydom 1966
S Kerehoma1170
J Bowick1113
Snr B games 50 or more Snr B wickets 50 or more 
J O'Brien89C Bishop124
C Bishop 85L van de Vyver99
C McGill83D Parker79
K Campbell74J O'Brien72
D Parker70K Campbell68
D Edwards62S Gardner62
L van de Vyver53D Kennett58
B Wilson53
S Finlayson53
Snr B runs 1000 or more 
L van de Vyver3126
C McGill2150
D Sanson1478
R Te Tomo1416
D Edwards1320
J O'Brien1130
D Parker1097
Presidents games 50 or more Presidents wickets 50 or more 
J Harrison70T Thomas118
T Thomas75D Wilks111
D Wilks68J Harrison77
S Thomas 56H Hall72
J Thomas52J Benefield51
R Te Tomo50
Presidents runs 1000 or more 
R Te Tomo1538
H Bramwell1333
V Baines1320
P Pinfold1208
S Thomas1189
J Harrison1106
Club All Rounders
Snr A 500 runs and 50 wicketsRunsWkts
R Taylor2755171
S Kerehoma1170180
M Bacon768127
S Rogers69176
Snr B 500 runs and 50 wicketsRunsWkts
L van de Vyver312699
J O'Brien113072
D Parker109779
K Campbell98568
C Bishop640124
Presidents 500 runs and 50 wicketsRunsWkts
J Harrison110677


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24 Sept 15: Draws for all 2015-16 Senior competitions available, download from Season Draws.

22 Sept 15: Registration forms for all grades available for download from the Home and Junior Cricket pages.


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